Sabin's Rocket League Strategy

My name is Mr. Sabin and I am a teacher in Alief ISD. I am making this website to help everyone get better at Rocket League.

What is Rocket League

Rocket League is an exciting PC, Xbox One, and PS4 game where you play soccer with rocket powered cars! It has a competitive mode for those of us who like to get better at games and be matched with other players of our skill.


I will focus primarily on 3v3 strategy. Below are the ranks for competitive as of season 2, 2016.

Some of the things I have noticed that will improve your skills are the following:


If you are playing on a PC, I would heavily recommend getting a controller versus using a keyboard and mouse. For mostly all PC games I prefer a keyboard and mouse, but not in this case. I do know there are some players using keyboard and mouse successfully, but I have not found that to be the case for MOST people.

Ball Cam

Ball Cam allows you to see the ball at all times and always have an idea of where it is going. I normally keep Ball Cam ON all the times except the following situations:

Team Strategy

Team Wins

First and foremost, your strategy should be to WIN the match, not the most points. If you get into a random match with someone who is playing aggressive and leaving the goal open and causing you to lose, I would recommend countering. This means, YOU, yes I mean YOU need to stay back, play goalie and defend as needed in order to secure a TEAM victory. Cross your fingers that you never have to play with those fools again.


I will attach a cool graphic I found online for 3s strategy. I did not come up with it, but it seems to sum up the strategy pretty well. One player should be trying to center the ball, another player should be staying behind them to help score it once they center it and if they miss. The last person should stay back in the goal and come out toward mid to get the ball if the other team.


Learn to use the quick command buttons so that your team members are aware of what you are doing. I normally use a voice chat server on PC to communicate with FRIENDS. But for random play and not using voice chat, the quick commands work wonders for communication.


In summary , when I started playing more with a team based attitude and using ball cam more, I started to see big growth in my game. You should easily be able to get into the gold ranks with these strategies.

Whats Next

Beyond this? Learn to rocket jump. Well. Practice it over and over. Also, complete all the tutorials on ALL-STAR regardless of how many tries it takes, just do it.